April 24th - May 3rd 2015 ~  11 Shops,  10 Days, 1 Great State!

2015 Theme ~ Town Square

This year the 11 New Jersey Shops are pleased to announce the 2015 theme, Town Square.

Each shop choose a storefront that  you might find on any Main St. USA and created a block to represent that store.  There will be a "master quilt" featuring each shops storefront block.  This is a BONUS hop feature this year.  Travelers may choose to collect these blocks along the way in addition to​ the usual patterns and fabric rolls you always find on your journey.  Each shop will still be creating an individual quilt and giving the pattern to each visitor.  We are bringing back charms and each fabric roll will feature a charm that represents their Town Square shop.

Whew...sounds like alot, but really it's more shops & more fun for all!  

Shop names, addresses & websites are listed under the "about" tab at the top of this page.

2015 New Jersey Shop Hop